Over 60 years ago in the 1950s, SCG started developing and constructing the technology of pipe jacking and underwater buried pipes. Then in the 1970s, underwater and underground construction technology for long distance pipe jacking was developed.

Since the 1980s, SCG has been building large diameter shielded tunnels. Today, SCG continues to create and maintain the pipe jacking technology. The longest, largest and deepest pipe jacking tunnelling projects in China are shown below.

SCG Canada


One Drive 2,080m
ID 2,000mm Steel Pipe

ShanTou No. 2 Under Sea Water Line Extension (Wall thickness 22mm)

SCG Canada


One Drive 2,039m
ID 4,000mm Concrete Pipe

Shanghai BaiLongGang Sanitary Tunnel Line SST2.2 ————————-

SCG Canada


One Drive 1,640m
ID 1,800mm Steel Pipe

DanYang Water Intake Line Extension (43m to 50m below grade)

SCG Reinforced Concrete Pipes

SCG can supply and install concrete pipe, concrete segment liner, fiber glass pipe, and concrete, fiber glass composite pipe and steel pipe.

SCG can design and supply pipes that meet or exceed CSA and ASTM standards. TBMs designed by SCG can meet the dimensions of the pipes supplied by the local suppliers.

SCG uses pipes that are made of reinforced concrete with connection parts in the steel socket type (Type F). The pipe segments are designed and manufactured according to CSA Class 5 standard.

Double layers of rubber seal are used at the pipe joints to prevent water from entering the tunnel in the quicksand and high water table soil layer.

Pipes are 2,500mm long and weigh 29 tons. ID 4,000mm, OD 4,640mm.