Shanghai Construction Group Canada Corporation (SCGCC) management and leadership team has years of experience and expertise in tunnelling construction, quality control, regulation and safety.


Junfeng (Alex) Ye
Junfeng (Alex) Ye
Vice President of SCGCC

Junfeng has decades of experiences in managing construction projects, contract negotiation, equipment procurement in China and across the world. He provides full corporate support to all SCGCC projects.

Zhongquan Fu
Zhongquan Fu
Director of SCGCC Tunnelling Division

Zhongquan has 15 years of technical and managerial experience in underground and TBM tunnelling construction. He has profound understanding of the mechanism of TBM in soft soil body and quicksand. He leads the team in proposing technical solutions, evaluating risks and contingency plans. His involvement will ensure meeting the requirement of quality, safety, schedule and cost.

Bruce Moffat
Senior Project Manager Building Division

Bruce is a construction professional with over 25 years expertise in both wood frame and concrete multi-family projects, including condos, apartments and senior facilities. He has unique experience in completing difficult abandoned projects, and has extensive ability in finding the most economical ways to build. Mr. Moffat provides the project management and supervision of the on-site construction teams.

Steve Joyes
Safety Manager

Steve is a safety professional with 16 years of experience in OHS and COR compliance. He is in charge of maintaining and updating the company HSE policy. He manages safety program including safety inspections, incident investigations, hazard identification & risk assessment as well as facilitation of safety training.

Yang Bai
Yang Bai
Field Engineer

Yang has years of TBM tunnelling experience. He has a good understanding of TBM tunnelling in soft soil condition. His responsibilities include supervising everyday construction, quality control and inspection of critical activities, reviewing daily construction reports and surveying data.