Since the 1990s, SCG has acquired a wealth of experience from the construction of numerous subway tunnels, cross-river tunnels, power cable tunnels, drainage tunnels and non-standard caliber shielded tunnels.  Total installed length is more than 100km spread across China.

SCG holds the world record in microtunnelling having installed 2,080m of steel pipe in one run.  As well for the largest diameter concrete pipe of 4,000mm ID installed using microtunnelling.

Structural Demonstration of TBM

Tunnel Boring Machines (TBM)

SCG can design, manufacture and service TBM based on project specific soil conditions.

Types of TBM:

  • Earth Pressure Balance
  • Slurry Pressure Balance
  • Earth/Air Pressure Balance
  • Double-O-Tube Shield

SCG Canada uses the model FQ-NP3617 MTBM for sewer projects.  This machine is a slurry balance tunnelling boring machine which is designed and manufactured by SCG based on years of experiences in microtunnelling.  This model has been successfully utilized in many projects with soft saturated ground conditions that have some similarities to the quicksand.  It has the following advantages:

  • Adaptive to complex geological conditions
  • Low failure rate
  • No requirement for dewatering
  • The operation has little impact on ground settlement and heave
  • Safe for operation

The special air balance feature has been added to better control ground settlement when MTBM advances in the quicksand soil layer.

SCG Canada

Earth Pressure Balance TBM

Length – 8,090mm
Weight – 152 metric tons

SCG Canada

Slurry Pressure Balance TBM

Length – 8,090mm
Weight – 152 metric tons

SCG Canada

Double-O-Tube Shield TBM

Diameter – 6,520mm
Width – 1,150mm

SCG Trenchless Tunnelling Projects

Small to Medium Diameter Shielded Tunnels

  • Yangpu Power Plant River Crossing Water Circulation Tunnels (ID 2,900mm)
  • Shanghai Lingang Gas Power Plant Water Circulation Tunnels (ID 3,600mm)
  • Henzhen Reservoir Sewage Interceptor Line (ID 4,000mm)
  • Sewage Treatment Plant Line (ID 4,200mm)

Large Diameter Shielded Tunnels

  • Water Intake Tunnel for Sanmen Nuclear Power Plant (ID 7,260mm)
  • Water Intake Tunnel for Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant Expansion (ID 8,280mm)
  • Renmin Road and Long Yang Road River Crossing Tunnel (ID 11,580mm)
  • Shanghai Light Rail Transit Line Sec. 11 (ID 11,580mm)