In the journey of nearly sixty years experiencing hardships, witnessing successes and growing up together with our motherland, Shanghai Construction has always been undertaking important tasks in the building and modernization of China’s cities.

Shanghai Construction’s hardwork and wisdom has contributed greatly to the miracle of Shanghai’s development.  Since China started the reform and opening-up policy, Shanghai Construction has broken construction engineering records in China and the world for many times.

Shanghai Construction Group Co., Ltd. (SCG)

SCG Landmark Projects

  • Shanghai World Financial Center (China’s 4th tallest structure, height 492m, 101 floors, total floor area 381,600 sq.m)
  • Shanghai Tower (China’s tallest structure, height 632m, 127 floors, total floor area 380,000 sq.m)
  • China Pavilion (Largest national pavilion at the Shanghai Expo 2010 and the largest display in the history of the World Expo)
  • Lupu Bridge (Steel arch bridge with the world’s longest span, length 3900m, height of main arch 5m)
  • Maglev Line (The world’s first high-speed commercial maglev line (length 30km, max. speed 130km/hr)
  • SSRF (Shanghai Synchroton Radiation Facility) (China’s largest scientific facility and working platform, the third generation of such facility)
  • Oriental Pearl TV Tower (World’s 3rd tallest TV tower when completed, height 468m, built floor area 20,000 sq.m)
  • East China Sea Bridge (China’s first trans-ocean bridge, length 32.5km)
  • Hongqiao Transportation Hub (Covering area 26.6, built floor area 1.57 million sq.m including 500,000 sq.m underground floor)

  • Shanghai World Financial Center and Shanghai Tower