SCG has experience in thousands of building construction projects and hundreds specializing in condominium, apartment and mixed use developments. Overseas, SCG self performs 100% of the work using its own personel, materials and equipment, and when required provides the architectural and engineering services too. In fact, SCG owns and operates their own fully approved university.

In Canada, SCG has chosen not to self perform and acts like a local general contractor who hires out the majority of the work to trade contractors. In this capacity we can act as General Contractor, Construction Manager, and Design Build Managers.

SCG Canada


Shanghai World Financial Center

No artificial or nitrogen cooling was required when pouring redi-mix even at 100MPa+ strengths at 40+ degrees and 100% humidity.

SCG Canada


Shanghai Tower

Elevator speed of 20.5 metres per second.
World’s 2nd fastest elevators. —————————————

SCG Canada


Shanghai Tower

128 stories 632m tall.
World’s 2nd tallest building.
Asia’s tallest building.

SCG Canada Focuses On

  • Apartments
  • Condominiums
  • Mixed Use Projects In either:

    • Low Rise Wood Frame
    • Mid Rise:

      • Wood Tall Building Systems
      • Composite Structure
    • High Rise Concrete Tower Formats

Expansion geographically and to the office & retail markets are in progress.