Shanghai Construction Group Co. Ltd. (SCG) is a leading corporation in the engineering, procurement and construction industry around the world.  With its headquarters located in Shanghai, China, SCG has successfully constructed over 100 major landmark projects in more than 30 overseas countries and regions.

SCG possesses core technologies in the construction of high rise buildings, roads and bridges, light railways, tunnels, culture and sport facilities, industrial plants and environmental protection facilities.


SCG Canada

Shanghai Construction Group Canada Corporation (SCGCC) has been operating in Canada since 2012. Strategically taking our time with the right clients and the right projects. Our ability to import materials directly from overseas around the world without distributors or middlemen, allows us to buy at much reduce rates than any contractor in Canada.

SCG Canada accesses the expertise of our in-house engineering department and procurement departments in Shanghai. Our knowledge is substantial enough that in fact we have been granted the status to operate as a fully accredited university in Shanghai to teach engineering.


SCGCC will concentrate on a risk-reduced approach, approaching target clients with a Construction Management delivery approach that can become a fixed price format. In this manner, SCGCC will emphasize its successful project track record, incorporate the specific needs of the local situation and soils, and build upon the relationships and reputation of its established local staff. This delivery method offers:

SCG Canada’s Management and Leadership Team constructed the 1,300m SA1A trenchless sewer tunnel in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.